We drive a lot more than just traffic.

Every boxed mattress company drives traffic; that's what we do. But driving traffic and winning business are two different things. To win your customer’s business you must outperform your competition.  

That’s what the Edge mattress does; it turns traffic into sales.

We drive margin

It's no secret that many major boxed mattress companies are not making a profit. And at their margins, neither will you! We make you whole by delivering the profit margins you need for us to deserve a place on your sales floors, just like every other leading brand.

Customized advertising to drive business from online directly to your store.

Digital Awareness

Our marketing program creates new customers who live close to your stores.

Geo-targeted Advertising

We drive business who are ready to buy with confidence. 

Quality Foot Traffic

Add value to your program

Increase your closing ratio

Our program ensures your new customers will be asking for Edge by name to increase your sales.

Increase average ticket value

Starting at $999 RETAIL — Edge is the best value for your business and your customers. 

Increase attachment rates

Edge is an industry leader for value, and enables your sales staff to upsell SKUs with greater attachments. 

A mattress that delights customers in store


Two superior constructions


Pocketed Coils

The Edge Hybrid contains 6" individually wrapped, pocketed coils that optimize airflow and actively respond to your body for superior spinal alignment while also improving the life and comfort of your Edge mattress.


High Density Memory Foam

The Edge contains an additional 6” of dense memory foam to create a durable foundation that prevents that “quicksand” feeling, and supports all sleep positions and body types.

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